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Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

The chesterfield sofa is known for its “quilted” or “tufted” style.
Some have the tufted design on only the back and arms while others include it on the seating bench section as well. It continues to be a popular style with current sofa trends.

Lawson-Style Sofa

This sofa style is designed for comfort. Its signature design element is a back comprised of pillows separate from the frame.

The reason for this design is to create a softer, more cushioned sofa with large cushions that aren’t taught within the frame of the sofa.

It continues to be a popular sofa design today. You can buy a Lawson style sofa in many sizes, colors and materials. In addition to being uber comfortable, you can move the large pillows around for ultimate comfort.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

From 1940 to 1970 mid-century modern furniture reigned supreme, but don’t count it down and out yet. It’s making a comeback and looks that it will stay as it has now passed the test of time.

This style of sofa is all about minimalist design and clean lines. There are many varieties of this style of sofa. It’s designed to look good and be comfortable – the result is it’s not the most comfortable furniture, but in coupled with the right home design, it can look fabulous.

Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Sofa

I’m including a section for modern sofas because it’s a commonly used term used to refer to contemporary midcentury modern furniture.

Strictly speaking, what’s commonly referred to as modern furniture is really a midcentury modern design.

Moreover, midcentury modern should not be confused with contemporary furniture – it’s different. Contemporary is a term used for current furniture… but it’s always based on a particular design style such as a contemporary chesterfield or contemporary camelback.

English Sofa

The English sofa (a.k.a. English rolled arm) is known for low arms in relation to a high back.

Upholstery is tight throughout, yet decently cushioned all over, including the arms.

While similar to the bridgewater, it’s distinguished by the taughtness of the upholstery and low arms. In fact, some English rolled arm sofas have arms so low as to appear to be armless (not the case with the version featured to here.

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